those lessons learned remind me i survived

This morning’s commute was a little longer than usual with a lot of time waiting for the first train to come.  Fortunately I knew that it was going to be a long day so I stopped at Starbucks before boarding my first train.  Yes, I take more than one train to work.  Long story for another day when I feel the need to vent.

Once again my mind was everywhere this morning.  I’ve been reading this novel, Letters to God, which is a movie coming out.  AND, I just learned right now when tagging the page that it was inspired by a true story.  These stories get me and reassure me that Child Life is the career for me.

Okay where am I going with this?  First, reading the novel this morning again made me think about how I’ve lost my faith.  I tried reconnecting with my Catholic upbringing two years ago, and even looking into other religions by attending church with Julie and her family a few times.  It never stuck though.  I know I lost my faith awhile back in college when I really began questioning who I was.  This happens.  I know that.  But I cannot help but wonder if I’ll ever get my faith back.  We all need something to believe in.

In the novel, this little boy Tyler has cancer.  So knowing my passion for Make-A-Wish kids, Child Life, and children in general, you can understand how much empathy I immediately felt for this little boy and his family.  Again, this is just another reminder that I’m headed in the right direction with my new career path.  Another reason why I’m fond of Tyler is because he reminds me of my little cousin, Ryan.

Enough of the tangents.  In the novel, another character tells Tyler that he’s been chosen by God as one his warriors.  Of course young Tyler doesn’t understand, so Grandpa Perryfield explains, “Because God has chosen you- the strongest, the smartest, the wisest- to receive this honor…When people see how brave and strong you are even though you’re sick, it makes them look closer at their own lives.”

You know I don’t mean this selfishly at all, but I think this is another reason why I am drawn to the Child Life career.  Every time I’m around kids- sick & well- it makes me see my own life in a different way.  It makes me see more pleasures and less problems.  Kids have this power that the big kids in us easily forget in the journey of life.  All the stresses blur our vision or prevent us from seeing anything at all.  It’s stories- fiction & non-fiction- that make me feel alive again.

We’ve all had struggles; things we regret; people we’ve loved and lost; dreams that didn’t come true; etc, etc, etc.  This is life.  Each mistake is a lesson to be learned from. Every struggle reminds us what we’ve fighting for.  We are warriors.  Every day.  We have to understand that we are stronger and braver than we believe, otherwise we wouldn’t be put in this position.  Even must rely on our faith to pull ourselves through.

We all have scars- some deeper than others.  Some that are visible and others that we’re able to cover.  But they’re there as a reminder that- We are warriors.  We have survived.  We will survive.  

♥ K

(Blog Title: Lifehouse- Crash & Burn and lyrics)


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