congratulations are in order!

Another unconventional morning for sure, but in the best way possible.  First of all, today was the first day in months that I didn’t wake up to an alarm clock.  I must be getting old though because my body clock woke me up around 5:30 am.  However, realizing that it was Sunday and there was absolutely no rush to get anything done today, I slept back in until about 8 am and decided to start my day off with some Facebook and then yoga.  A few minutes into my yoga DVD, my Hey Stephen (by Taylor Swift) cell ringer went off to indicate that a guy friend was calling.  I’m adorable, I know.  ♥   Anyways, being that it was 9 am-ish here, I decided to finish my yoga before seeing who it was….but then my text went off.  Now the people who know me best know that I rarely check voicemail, so I knew it was one of my besties and possibly important.

Call me whenever you get a chance today.  (From Brandon)  Now knowing that it was 9 am, I wrongly assumed that something was wrong.  So I called him back immediately, of course getting the “oh, so you cannot answer the call but you answer a text.”  Yes, I am that girl (sometimes).  Explaining my yoga-ing and concern, I made him cut to the chase…

HE’S ENGAGED!!!  My Brandon Carroll is ENGAGED to his lovely girlfriend, Steph.  Now while I’ve known instinctively for awhile that it was bound to happen one day, I didn’t know it would happen today nor soon.  My reaction could not have been pre-planned.  I probably said ‘Ohmygod’ and ‘Congratulations’ a bunch of times in between my smiles and happy laughter.  So, so, so happy for them!  And after hearing the engagement story from Steph, I have to say that I’m so impressed and proud of , B. 

After I got off the phone with B, I was thinking about how their relationship began.  Brandon & Steph were set-up by mutual friends of ours (Joe & Renee).  Steph is a longtime friend of Renee and she just had a feeling that they’d be perfect for one another.  She was so right!  I won’t go into the details but this was the summer after I graduated, so I was back in Pittsburgh and B as in Cleveland.  The night before their first date, he called me.  I remember sitting on my back deck that evening talking to him.  He was nervous and thinking about canceling on her.  I knew it was just those lovely butterflies and some insecurities (since he hadn’t dated in awhile), so I gave him my best reassuring talk, hoping that it would work.  Thank goodness it did, and the rest is history. 

I’ve told my good friends before but I’ve learned to embrace these butterflies over the years.  ‘Butterflies’ or nerves, call them what you will, are just indicators that you have some emotional tie.  The thing is we grow up thinking negatively about nerves and wanting to avoid them at all cost because they make us feel discomfort.  Instead, think of the butterflies as a sign that you’re passionate about (insert noun here).  It’s better to feel something, than feel nothing at all, especially when it comes to the quest for love.  Embrace all those emotions.  You’re feeling them for a reason.

I could go on and on, expressing my happiness but let me just say that it’s moments like these that make life worth living.  The best thing is that these great things don’t even have to necessary happen to you to be so fantastic.  That’s when you know you’re blessed with great people in your life- when you’re truly happy for their happiness.  I have to say, I’m going to be a mess at their wedding.  I just adore him so much!!             ♥ K


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