a moment while watching the oscars

I was just watching the Oscars while studying, when I found myself touched by Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech.  So touched that I was teary-eyed by her sweet, simple words.   She, herself, choked up in recognizing her mother and her husband, Jesse James.  It was in that moment where her sincerity, honesty, and love hit me.  It’s moments like these when you witness the power of love and desire it for yourself.  In that moment life seemed so clear.  Without love we have nothing. 

Now in thinking about my tears I’m not sure which hit me more: Sandra’s acknowledgement of the love she has or my lack of love (in terms of a significant other). 

It’s moments like these that make me question, well, everything about myself.  Makes me examine who I am; what I have; what’s missing.  I wish I could think of the perfect quote/song lyric to share what I’m thinking, but let me put it this way.  It’s moments like these where I’m saddened because I realize that I cannot continue to take on life all by myself.  I do it every day and it’s a continuous struggle; however, it’s also all I know. 

The tears I shed weren’t all of sorrow.  They were tears of recognition, or rather self-reflection.  We learn and grow more every day, so this moment was just one of those lessons.  But what will I really learn from it?  What can I change?  What will I change?   ♥ K


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