life’s little secrets: friday evening workout

I’ll probably eventually write a posting saying that morning workouts are one of life’s little secret, but for the meantime I’ll promote this simple pleasure of mine: Friday Evening Workouts.  For some it made sound like an oxymoron, and you know I may agree with you when I’m indulging in a Friday Happy Hour on a bar patio on a perfect summer evening. 

Let me defend my suggestion to all you non-believers.  For one, most non-hardcore workout-phenes will say, “If I workout, then I can drink/eat more.”  Hmmm….yes, that’s sorta true, but let’s rephrase it.  You will feel less guilty if you drink/eat a little more.  In fact, I usually feel less guilty all weekend when I workout on Friday evening.  It’s just one of those feel good moments when you think of all the other time-wasting activities that you could have indulged in instead- drinking, napping, watching tv, etc.

Additionally, you feel oh-so-good afterwards and certainly less guilty about that (insert drink choice here) you’re going to have after you shower.    ♥ K


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