these chicago streets remind me of you

As I walked through the streets of Chicago today to my doctor’s appointed, I was reminded of my many walks in Athens.  Although the last one happened almost four years ago, I had that strange feeling like it was only yesterday.  Some days I think of Chicago as a very big Athens… makes me miss it even more.  It also makes me miss my friends; Brandon in particular.  Brandon and I used to walk through campus and the back streets of town as often as we could.  Not only did we have fun on these little adventures of ours, but they were just so relaxing and therapeutic.  Some days I could have walked for hours, in fact some times we did.  I could talk to Brandon about anything, everything, and nothing at all.  He’s the kind of friend that every person needs.  Someone that just makes you feel comfortable being you.  He never judged me.  And fortunately, to this very day, he’s still a supportive, loyal friend of mine.  So often I find myself walking through the streets of Chicago wishes that he was there with me.  Oh, the adventures we could have here!     ♥ K


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