I’ve decided to start a tradition in this blog.  On my friend’s birthdays and/or special occasions, I’m going to dedicate a posting to them.  Today’s birthday girl is a very special person in my life and one of my best friends for the past 6 1/2 years.  I’m sure that she’ll be mentioned on here time and time again.  On that note, it’s my honor to wish a VERY HAPPY 26th  BIRTHDAY to my beautiful & wonderful friend, LIBBY!!  Here’s a photo of Libby with another one of my best friends, Brandon.  Libby & Brandon, I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss them.

In dedication to Libby’s birthday, I’ll share some of my favorite memories with her.  I believe I met Libby the second day after I began at OU.  She, like Brandon and our friend Mike, went to high school with my friend & modmate, Amanda.  Looking  back it’s strange to think that I was closer friends with Amanda first than either Libby, Brandon or Mike; however it was only a matter of time before that changed.

Libby and I did a lot of growing up in college, and we leaned on one another for support.  Some of my favorite memories are just the simple things we did, as well as all those shots of Kamchatka!  We even had our own ‘spot’, which was a park bench near our first dorms over on South Green that we would go to to escape for awhile. 

I honestly could not imagine OU without Libby.  It’s so hard not being in the same city as her nor being able to hang out after a bad day.  I always feel immediately better when we talk on the phone, but it always makes me miss her more.

So to Libby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  I hope you have another amazing year and that our friendship grows even stronger.  I miss you and hope to see you very soon!  ♥ K



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