home sweet chicago

Finally back in my apartment after a long trip home.  The plane ride is only about an hour, but it felt much longer today.  And, as much I like kids, this one little girl on the plane was ridiculously annoying.  Cute at first with her little remarks, but let’s just say that it got old very quickly.  The girl next to me said to her fiancee, “We’re not having kids.  If we do then we are drugging them on planes.”  How could I not laugh at that?

The rest of the trip back was a little rough.  Since I didn’t sleep much last night, I was certainly tired today.  But I was surprised to have a minor anxiety attack walking to the train at the airport.  Anxiety is something that I’m an experienced veteran in, but today was different than the ones I’ve had in the past.  I like to think that all of my discussions with Alisha and classwork really helped me lessen the anxiety and eventually overcome it.  I’m a little proud of myself and extremely grateful that it wasn’t worse.

I just looked at the time on my laptop and was shocked to see 8:00 PM.  Thank goodness I forgot to switch it back from Eastern Time.  So it’s 7:00 PM, I just got home about an hour ago and now it’s time to start my paper for class.  Can we pretend like tomorrow isn’t Monday?

Just one more thought.  An airport attendant came up to me after I went past security and was getting my things today, to tell me that I had a really nice smile.  I was caught off guard, but I made sure I voiced how much I appreciated that.  It really was a sweet gesture and something that meant a lot to me.  See, there are still good people in this world.  ♥ K


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