welcome back to hampton

I was a little too tired to share the details of my flight back to Pittsburgh last night so I’ll do it now.  Let me first say that I’m usually pretty anti-social on my flights from Chicago because by the time I get to the airport, I am exhausted from the traveling and hauling all the weight around the city. 

Okay, I got to my gate and found a place to stand.  After small chit-chat with the guy (Bob) next to me, I asked him where he lived (knowing that he called Pittsburgh home).  “I’m from Hampton.”  I believe I laughed before sharing that I went to high school there.  Now let me say that I have met another person from Hampton in awhile.

Waiting to board the plane, we conducted some basic introductory conversation, mostly about our Hampton upbringing.  He graduated in 1993; I was from the Class of 2002.  So with that 9-year difference, we did a lot of “Oh was so-s0 teaching then?’ and “Do you know (blank)?”  Much to our surprise we did recognize some names but no revelations or anything.  He’s only 35 compared to my 26, but knowing that I was in 3rd grade when he graduated from Hampton was a little entertaining to me. 

Bob and I sat with each other on the plane which made the flight go so quickly.  Although I’m fine with flying, it’s such a good feeling after a long day.  I enjoyed talking to him about Hampton, but we also discussed a lot of other things as well- including his love of Spinning & Yoga!!  I told him that he was the smartest guy in the world because those classes are typically filled with girls.  Seriously boys, get yourself to a class right now…you won’t regret the eye candy and the workout is great too!  Just looking out for you guys.

He traveled a lot for his previous jobs so I was interested in hearing about his favorite cities.  I didn’t expect him to say that Denver was his favorite city.  Denver?  Really?  What is the big fascination with Denver?  Okay, I should explain especially for those of you who know nothing about me other than what you’ve read thus far in my blog.  A few weeks ago I discovered that the love of my life, ck, now resides in Denver.  I won’t lie, of course I’m curious to know what drew him out there and why he likes it so much.  Therefore I took full advantage of having my fellow Hampton alumni, Bob, to find out more about it.  I was shocked to hear that the weather is a lot warmer than I expected it to be.  I always had such a negative perspective of that city.  Who knows why.

Bob then proceeded to tell me that I should move there, and my reply was, “You have to tell me some of the bad things about it because I cannot move there.”  He told me that it hardly ever rains there, which most would find as an added bonus but we both agreed that it’s a con especially since I love rainy days and jumping in puddles. 

He still told me that I should move there, which led me to open up and share that I just found out that ck lives there and I wouldn’t go there then, no matter what.  Like others would say, Bob said, “Well that’s the perfect reason to go.”  Leading me to say, “Nope.  It’s why I shouldn’t and wouldn’t go.” 

I have issues.  Let’s leave it at that.

So I’m back in Hampton for a few days and it feels really nice.  As I mentioned before, I just feel more like ‘me’ here.  Now I’ll never live back here permanently, knock on wood, but I do enjoy escaping my life for a few days and coming back home. 

I’m back in Hampton for a few days and it feels really nice.  As I mentioned before, I just feel more like ‘me’ here.  I will never (knock on wood).  It’s just a great break from Chicago.  It’s funny because when I tell people from here that I live in Chi-town they always comment on how lucky I am and how much they love that city.  At Starbucks this morning, the barista even told me that he wants to move there eventually. 

I’ll end by saying that I had a crazy dream again last night- a total mashup of anything & everything.  I pretty much expected this since being back in Hampton always seems to evoke my brain to be on overdrive. 

I probably won’t admit this vocally, but I’ll write it on here.  It’s nice to be home.


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