good morning chicago

Writing this I have the Ke$ha song in my head… Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddyalthough I feel nothing like P.Diddy this morning.  I don’t even feel like myself.  This winter needs to end once and for all!!  I swear that just as I start feeling better, the cold weather brings my sinus infection/ crappy sickness right back.  A may have mono, so of course now I’m wondering Is that what’s wrong with me too?

I woke up in my lovely Chicago apartment this morning, deciding to hit snooze a few more times and thinking that I would just do my yoga DVD this evening instead of the intention of doing so before work.  Oh yeah, that’s right, I won’t be here tonight.  I’ll be flying to Pittsburgh: home to my family and my youth. 

Seriously, something is wrong with me.  I actually just took my temperature and it’s 99.8 which for me means I have a fever.  Seriously?  Seriously!  You cannot understand how appreciative I was when I remembered that Starbucks is only a few blocks away.  God bless the Soy AmeriMisto and Dale for introducing it into my life.  I remember her exact words from a few weeks ago.  “This is life-changing.”  She was so right!

I cannot begin to tell you how crazy/inconvenient these past two months have been with trying to balance a full time job and an online class- which I absolutely love- and be sick/run-down.  But I’ve lived through it, somehow.  Do you ever not consistently feel like yourself?  Ever since finally doing something about my anxiety and being prescribed to a mild dosage of Lexapro, I have felt A.MAY.ZING.  More like myself than I had in many, many years.  However, these past few months, while still on the prescription, I have experienced more anxiety than before.  What gives?  Let’s diagnose it as a combination of winter crappiness and whatever sickness I have. 

This song explains how I’m feeling today: blah blah blah.  I’m totally enjoying this Ke$ha girl’s music today.  Blame it on the fever or the fact that I’m not myself. 

In a few hours I’ll be venturing through the city to get to Midway Airport.  Now that’s an adventure all in itself for someone who relies on public transportation.  Then it’s off to Pittsburgh, in which I’ll almost immediately go into my parents’ new sauna for some much needed sauna therapy.  Even though I thought they were crazy for buying it, I have to say it’s heaven-sent.

See ya in a few days, Chicago!


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