double power hour spinning class

The Bootcamp girls and I decided that this week’s goal was going to indulge in a double dose of spin class today.  While we’ve done it a few times before, this was the first time where the class was a Power Hour class- where the routine changes every minute.  It’s definitely rough, but we knew we could handle it.  It’s A.MAY.ZING. what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it…and it helps to have loyal supporters and other crazy people by your side sweating through the pain.  If you’re a workout phene like us and haven’t tried spinning yet, go tomorrow!  You’ll be addicted to it because it’s so therapeutic. 

In fact during our double session today (which wasn’t a full two hours, but rather 2-45 minute classes) I actually felt like I was high, and/or my blood sugar was extremely low.  Maybe I was high from it because I definitely had the munchies afterwards and really just want to pass out now.   Seriously though it can be so euphoric and you just get lost in the music.  Here’s one of the songs that I enjoyed during class…


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