evanston: my new athens

A few weeks ago, I discovered my Chicagoland escape in Evanston- which is north of the city and home to Northwestern University.  I immediately felt at home because it reminded me some much of Athens, OH- home to Ohio University, my alma mater.  I loved that small college town so much! 

Since graduating college almost four years ago, I’ve tried so hard to find a place like Athens.  Now don’t get me wrong, Evanston isn’t Athens but it’s as close as I’m going to get, especially living in a big city like Chicago.  Plus, Evanston will never be the same as Athens because my friends unfortunately are not here. 

So I’m studying up at the Evanston Public Library which is gorgeous and so relaxing.  This is going to be my new place to run away to when I’m having one of those days or just need a change of scenery.  It makes me think of all those other places I used to have back in the day.  I remember when Phill would take me to Easton every so often just to clear my head of the Athens’ college air.  Or when Rebecca and I walked along the Hocking River bike path for over 2 hours during sophmore year (aka the Dougan Days). 

Gosh, I’d give anything to have those two here, as well as the many others.  And of course Rebecca could bring Hazel and baby George!

Okay, where am I really going with this?  I miss Athens…no, I miss my friends….I miss both.  I miss it all.


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