just a day, just an ordinary day

Before I start, I want to welcome George Michael Francis Littleton into the world!!  Congratulations to my friends & proud parents, Rebecca & Nate.  Also, welcome to the Big Sisters Club, Hazel!!  I can promise you that I’ll be sharing more about these two little angels, Hazel & George, in many future postings.

Today was truly just an ordinary day, but there was something different about it.  First off all, I got to work and noticeably had more energy and enthusiasm, so much that my colleague, Selena, even called me out on it.  Why?  Perhaps there was an extra shot of espresso or happiness pills in my Grande Soy AmeriMisto (which is morning Starbucks bliss).  Maybe it was the fact that the sun actually peaked out and it wasn’t freezing outside.  Whatever it was, today was a good day.

Now I should say that since moving to Chicago, I have rarely woken up with a smile on my face, especially when that alarm goes off at 5 am.  Nor am I too enthusiastic after (barely) surving the 1 hour+ morning commute.  Today was a rarity to say the least, but nice at the same time.  I mean who wants to be miserable at work? 

Anyways, my mood got even brighter as the morning went on, for a few reasons.  The main reason is because I am blessed with the most A.MAY.ZING. friends ever- one being the lovely Adriana who also introduced me to the appropriate spelling of that word.  Not only does Adriana keep me sane at work through our daily emails, but today she encouraged me to put my doubts and anxieties aside.    I also read through some of the older entries on her blog today, and to put it simple I was touched to hear what she said about me (Chi-town, as she refers to me).  I didn’t even expect to be mentioned, let alone be spoken of so highly.  She’s truly wonderful and I feel like I’ve known her much longer than 5 months.

And then there’s Darlene.  Where do I start?  I opened my work email to find a short and adorable morning message from her: Good morning, Bunny.  Yesterday I told her that one of my nicknames with my friends is Bunny, explaining why, and she uses it so perfectly to make me realize once again how blessed I am to have her in my life.  Then I open my Gmail account and find another email from Darlene.  To explain the impact of her email, I’ll share that last night I let Darlene know me very personally- flaws & all.  I sent her a very intimate piece of writing, by yours truly, that addresses a personal struggle of mine.  While it’s difficult to express in words the value of this writing to me, I was honored and appreciative that she was willing to be the first to read it. 

With my friends’ words this morning, I felt overcome with emotion and love.  The smile on my face today was for them.  I am fortunate to know you both and blessed to have you in my life- for as long as you’ll have me.    Lucky me that I can say that Darlene & Adriana are just two of the A.MAY.ZING. friends that I have.  To have friend like these, is to have it all.


One thought on “just a day, just an ordinary day

  1. Oh lovely K, we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. I’m so glad to see you’ve embraced blogging. It may not seem like a big deal now, but trust me, you’ll start to see and feel a difference the more you get into it. Even just telling the internet what you did that day is good. You will have a record of these moments in time and that is priceless. Missing you tons and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. ❤

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